MUBIL Mobility Expo Joins the Dynamism of the Sector and Closes Its Fourth Edition Consolidated as One of the Main Professional Events in Sustainable Mobility

All indicators confirm that MUBIL Mobility Expo has become a premier showcase for the broad ecosystem of sustainable mobility. Along with the presence of 105 exhibiting companies, 2,000 people have participated.

MUBIL Mobility Expo Joins the Dynamism of the Sector and Closes Its Fourth Edition Consolidated as One of the Main Professional Events in Sustainable Mobility

Exhibiting companies have highlighted the 'quality' of the visitors, whether it be their purchasing power, potential synergies, or ability to forge business relationships.

Visitors, on the other hand, have emphasized the variety and quality of the exhibitor proposals. This perception is supported by the data showing an increase in the average time visitors have spent at the MUBIL Mobility Expo.

In short, visitors were able to physically and firsthand see how the value chain of sustainable mobility is evolving and what trends will shape the evolution of the sector in the coming years.

In this regard, it is also worth noting the warm reception that the round tables and fast interviews developed in the Conference Area around current topics related to the evolution of sustainable mobility, such as batteries, charging infrastructure, multimodal transport, autonomous vehicles, smart services, and infrastructure for sustainable mobility, shared mobility, or hydrogen, have received from both exhibitors and visitors.

As Igor Villarreal, director of MUBIL, the entity promoting the fair, pointed out, “I believe we can assert without fear of sounding triumphalist that this has been the best edition of MUBIL Mobility Expo. I would rate it as a success. This is indicated by the data and the conversations we have had with exhibitors and visitors over the two days of the fair. Business relationships have been made, and there has been an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences around a sector in full development like that of sustainable mobility.”

The satisfaction index shown by companies and visitors corroborates these statements. The results of the surveys conducted indicate that nearly 82% of the companies surveyed would participate in the next edition of MUBIL Mobility Expo.

About MUBIL Mobility Expo

MUBIL Mobility Expo, the professional fair for the sustainable mobility industry in Southern Europe, is an event driven by MUBIL, a hub for intelligent and sustainable mobility in the Basque Country, created as part of the Etorkizuna Eraikiz initiative of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and supported by the Basque Government and EVE (Basque Energy Entity), with the aim of strengthening the existing capabilities in this sector, boosting its development, and enhancing the competitiveness and international positioning of the business fabric in this field.

MUBIL Mobility Expo is the professional meeting point for the value chain of sustainable mobility, understood as clean, accessible, safe, and connected. A space where the main public and private actors meet, and where the needs of the present and future challenges of sustainable mobility find their industrial and digital solutions.

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