MUBIL Hub Professional Group Dynamics

Since 2021, MUBIL, with the support of the Chamber of Gipuzkoa, carries out dynamics for business groups connected to the smart and sustainable mobility sector.

MUBIL Hub Professional Group Dynamics

Networking between professionals and business-to-business relationships are catalysing factors of a sector’s competitiveness. Exchange of knowledge and experiences is accelerated, common interests are identified, relationships between companies are strengthened, and new projects are activated to provide added value to the companies in the sector.

Since 2021, the MUBIL Smart and Sustainable Mobility Hub has been backed by support from the Chamber of Gipuzkoa to carry out quarterly dynamics for business groups connected to the smart and sustainable mobility sector.

Three collectives have been established to help identify common interests.

  • Group 1: Automotive industry subcontractors. Aimed at TIER 1, 2, and 3 automotive suppliers that do or do not participate in electric vehicle-focused programmes.
  • Group 2: Connectivity and ICT solutions. Aimed at Information Technologies, Communication, and Electronics sector companies with applications in new mobility, including vehicle connectivity, self-driving vehicles, mobility-connected smart technologies, new business models, digital services aimed at mobility, as well as charging and energy storage infrastructure management, among others.
  • Group 3: Engineering and manufacturing companies of OEM vehicles and their key components, such as batteries (modules or packs), electric power and their control units, e-motors, gearboxes and transmissions for all types of vehicles.

Among the actions that we have carried out within the dynamics participants are:

  • Reciprocal visits and presentations: presentations and visits between companies that participate in the dynamics to understand their respective activities.
  • Experiences: discovering and experiencing areas of interest for mobility: Ortze, Antolín…
  • Talks: experts in areas of interest invited to give talks.
  • Inverse missions: detecting and attracting international buyers of interest to participants and promoting company buyer visits.

The agenda is defined according to participants' interest, and the sessions are adapted to their needs.  flexible in their evolution and adaptation to new needs.

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