MUBIL is a shared commitment which seeks to turn Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country into global industry reference points in new mobility.

The MUBIL new mobility Strategy involves building a hub of specialist companies around the MUBIL Gipuzkoa e-mobility Reference Centre:

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Why Gipuzkoa and Basque Country?

Gipuzkoa and Basque Country has a number of business-generating companies operating in the field of smart and sustainable mobility, together with cutting-edge technology centres with long experience in the field.

It is important to harness the region's capacities and strengths in order to build a favourable ecosystem for new mobility, in which new, exportable strategic initiatives can be promoted catering to the interests of all agents that can serve as reference points.

Strategic commitment

Sustainable e-mobility and energy storage is an industry for the future, and the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa has identified it among its strategic commitments.

Territory of reference

The Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa is committed to creating a development hub in Gipuzkoa for the sustainable e-mobility and energy storage industry.


By 2025, Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country want to become an international reference point in the new mobility, recognised for its capacity to:

  • Generate an associated business fabric and transform the existing one.
  • Generate new business models, entrepreneurship and high-quality employment.
  • Strengthen capacities for R&D and knowledge generation.
  • Attract and retain investment and personnel.

...through experimentation and new technologies


  • To turn Gipuzkoa and the Basque Country into a hub of experimentation and development in smart and sustainable mobility
  • To align the scientific/technological and industrial capacities for generating new economic activity and technology
  • To promote mechanisms of knowledge transfer and for generating new business niches to create new business fabric, transform the existing one, and generate new jobs.
  • To integrate the actions of the main actors into a public-private partnership network with an international projection

Who is promoting the Strategy?

The new mobility strategy is being managed by Fundación MUBIL and promoted by the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa, San Sebastián City Council and the Basque Energy Agency (EVE) with participation of the main companies and agents from the industry.

Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia
Donostia San Sebastián
Energiaren Euskal Erakundea

Value proposal

The aim of MUBIL is to transform threats and risks into opportunities by engineering cross-cutting solutions supported in the 4 areas. It should not focus solely on responding to the specific needs of each of the four areas; instead it should comprehensively cover the entire value chain.

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