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ReImagining the future of the mobility with MUBIL and MIT City Science (featured guest)


What will mobility be like in the future? This is the starting point for an event organised by MUBIL, that will be attended by the City Science group, from the Media Lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) as special guests.

The Director of MIT City Science, Kent Larson, together with his team and members of the MUBIL eco-system, will be bringing us closer to the future of mobility by giving various inspirational talks, that will enable us to reimagine the way that the world will move.

We will also be going from global to local, and learning about important experiences that are taking place in our region in the field of mobility.



9:00 - 11:00

Inspirational talks open to the public (sign-up required)


11:00 - 14:00

Worshop with MUBIL ecosystem actors (access with invitation)



09:00 - 11:00 (Open access with online registration)

Welcome and Institutional Opening with Markel Olano (General Deputy at the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council)

MUBIL, Shall we move the future together?

10 min
Picture of :  Ane Insausti
General Manager at MUBIL Fundazioa
The decarbonisation of the planet is essential and mobility undoubtedly plays an important role in achieving this goal. Through the eco-system at MUBIL we aim to transform the challenges concerning mobility into opportunities with high competitive and technological value. Shall we move the future together?

Keynote speech City Science: Developing a new model for cities to address the grand challenges of our era

15 min
Picture of :  Kent Larson
Director at MIT City Science.
Cities today have been profoundly disrupted by the events that began in 2020, and we are entering another period of intense innovation. Addressing the grand challenges of our era, from public health to global warming to economic development will require action at many scales, but more impactful than national and international efforts may be the deployment of innovation at the scale of urban communities. We propose a new model for cities with a focus on walkable communities with local access to resources, responsive housing, emerging efficient mobility systems, and data analytics and advanced simulation for improved consensus building and governance.

Decision-making in transportation

7 min
Picture of :  Luis Alonso
Research Scientist at MIT City Science.
How can we reimagine mobility using CityScope, a data-driven, evidence-based simulation platform?

Development of sustainable mobility in the Basque Country

7 min
Picture of :  Jaime Menéndez
Researcher at Orkestra – IVC
The Basque Country aims to abate currentis contributing to the end of overcoming environmental challenges using with its demonstrated industrial capacities and spirit of innovation.

Ultra-lightweight autonomous vehicles

7 min
Picture of :  Naroa Coretti
PhD Candidate at MIT City Science
Can autonomy make shared micro-mobility more efficient and sustainable? Perspectives from Shared autonomous micro-mobility solutions, including vehicle design, fleet simulations, and environmental impact analysis.

Quantum Computing for Mobility

7 min
Picture of :  Román Orús
Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer at Multiverse Computing
Quantum Computing provides new efficient solutions for optimization and machine learning problems. In the talk we will explore what is possible and analyze which efforts are already underway.

Individual collective transport

7 min
Picture of :  Thomas Sánchez Lengeling
Sánchez Lengeling
Research Scientist at MIT City Science
The `[bike] swarm´ project explores light as a tool for clustering and bringing safety to bikers, enhancing visibility and sense of community of bike riders.

The importance of Vehicle Dynamics in the New Mobility

7 min
Picture of :  Andoni Medina
Associate Professor, Vehicle Dynamics Engineer & PhD Candidate at Tecnun
The massive adoption of the car brought several problems. New mobility modes aim to solve these problems, but still the physics involved on the vehicle dynamics will play a crucial role.

Art and Motion

7 min
Picture of :  Gabriela Bílá
Researcher at MIT City Science
Motion from 0 to ∞’, an immersive installation deployed at the Guggenheim in Bilbao, explores future mobility scenarios.

Mobility within Informality

7 min
Picture of :  Maitane Iruretagoyena
Researcher at MIT City Science
Can new lightweight and decentralized mobility systems solve some of the challenges faced by informal communities?


11:00 - 14:00 (Access with invitation)


Workshop coordinated by MIT City Science. “Let’s reimagine mobility!”

The MIT City Science team will work alongside Mubil ecosystem and territory representatives to propose high-performing walkable districts, autonomous micro-mobility solutions, new mobility simulations, and new mobility solutions for informal regions. This is a fun, playful session. The participants are invited to bring their big ideas and new possibilities.



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Palacio de Congresos Kursaal. Tuesday, 5th April 2022 9:00 - 11:00
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MUBIL & MIT city


We are developing knowledge to build the future of mobility.

MUBIL, the smart, sustainable mobility hub, brings together the efforts of public and private agents who are working to ensure that our region plays a significant role in future mobility.

The various courses of action followed by MUBIL include the development of knowledge about new mobility, which we are working on day-to-day together with training centres and universities in our region. But this also involves giving shape to events like this one, where we can be inspired by the research carried out by international benchmark organisations like MIT City Science.

The City Science team from the Media Lab at MIT aims to enable more liveable, equitable and resilient communities, by reimaging urban programming and decision-making, the places where we live and work, and the mobility systems that connect us. This is a goal shared with MUBIL, that defines the “ReImagining Mobility” event.